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Friday FAIL: Don’t Crash Your Newly-Delivered McLaren, Please

McLaren 650S Crash by DIANE EVANS/SWNS.COM

You didn’t even have it for an hour…

What started off as one of the best days quickly turned into one of the worst for the owner of a brand-spanking-new McLaren 650S in England. According to Telegraph, the owner had the car just 10 minutes before crashing it into a tree.

The owner had just celebrated the delivery of their McLaren 650S with a bottle of champagne upon its arrival. Shortly after, while breaking in the new 641-horsepower super car in, they crashed into a tree and essentially totaled the newly-minted 650S.

McLaren 650S Crash by DIANE EVANS/SWNS.COM

The Essex police have not released the name of the driver and are currently investigating the accident.

Next time, we’re sure that this owner will be a bit more careful… or at least we hope!

Source: Telegraph, Diane Evans/

How mad would you be if you crashed your brand-new McLaren 10 minutes after delivery?


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