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Friday FAIL: Don’t Drink and Drive, and Run from Police!

Friday FAIL: Drinking and Driving Car Rollover

This teen learned that the hard way.

Driving intoxicated is never, ever, ever, a good idea. Call a cab or get a sober friend to drive you to wherever you need to go. Don’t endanger your life and the lives of others by getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated. This teen in Lithuania learned that the hard way.

Police in Lithuania were led on a short chase after they attempted to pull over an intoxicated teenage driver. The driver, seeing the police, decided to run through a town’s roads and try to escape, but it ended up much worse.

Friday FAIL: Drinking and Driving Car Rollover

After going on a short chase, the teenage driver took a hard right turn at an intersection, where they came across a vehicle in the oncoming lane. This forced the driver to turn to avoid a head-on collision, which led them right down a hill, rolling their car and ending the chase.

Police quickly ran over to check on the driver, and then took them into custody.

Just don’t drink and drive. It’s as simple as that.

Source: PoliceCenter YouTube

How stupid was this teenager that was drinking and driving, and crashed after a police chase?


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