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Friday FAIL: Don’t Drive Your Bentley on the Beach

Friday FAIL Bentley Stuck in Sand

How to look like an idiot.

Sometimes we come across car owners that are just plain stupid. This Bentley owner stuck in the sand shows that money can’t buy brains, and that’s why they’re the star of this week’s Friday FAIL.

On August 30th, Marazion Beach near Cornwall, UK, one Bentley driver thought that it would be a grand idea to enjoy the beach up close. However, instead of getting out of the car, walking into the sand, and setting up a chair or towel, they decided to just drive right on over.

Friday FAIL Bentley Stuck in Sand

Even with the all-wheel drive system, the sand was just too much to handle and the Bentley got stuck. Locals tried to help by pushing to no avail, so they enlisted the help of a tractor. The tractor first attempted to tow it out using the front-mounted tow hook, only to have it snap off in the process and almost injure a bystander.

So, the tractor strapped up to the other hook and began towing only to dig itself into a bit of a mess. It took a total of FIVE HOURS for workers to get the car freed from the sandy trap.

Don’t drive onto a sandy beach in your Bentley, kids.

Source: SWNS TV YouTube

Should this Bentley have been left to die in the sand due to the owner’s stupidity?


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