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Friday FAIL: Don’t Ever Brake Check or Stop on a Highway

Friday FAIL Brake Check

Or this could happen.

Driving any kind of vehicle on a public road requires a tremendous amount of responsibility. You’re behind the wheel of a two-ton hunk of metal moving at high rates of speed. That in itself is a weapon, and when you’re on a highway surrounded by other cars and heavier trucks, you better be responsible with how you drive.

Take this as a perfect example of exactly what not to do on the highway. Suddenly, the Peugeot driving in front of the dashcam-equipped truck decides that it would be a good idea to not just brake-check the truck, but come to a complete stop in the passing lane of the busy highway.

Unless you’re pulling over to the shoulder because of some mechanical problem on the opposite-side of the road, this is never, ever a good idea on a highway. What happens next is a vehicle slams into the back of the truck, pushing it into the Peugeot stopped in front, all because they had to stop.

Don’t brake-check or stop on the highway, kids. It’ll get you on Friday FAIL.

Warning – NSFW Language

Source: YouTube

On a scale of 1-10, how big of a FAIL is this idiot driver?


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