Friday FAIL: Don’t Make that Illegal U-Turn

Friday FAIL U-Turn

Instant Karma.

It’s always important that you follow the rules of the road. They are there for our safety and to help with the flow of traffic. In some places, such as where this video was shot, it is illegal to make a U-Turn at certain intersections due to the traffic congestion and danger with oncoming traffic.

So when someone tries to make an illegal U-Turn and cause problems for traffic, it’s always great to see them get nailed by the police.

Friday FAIL U-Turn

A Toyota Celica decided that they would make a U-Turn at an intersection where it was illegal because of the traffic in both directions and lack of an extra lane. After a honking war with other cars, the Celica makes the turn only to have a Police officer sitting right there ahead of them in traffic, just waiting for the move to happen.

The police officer lit ‘em up and pulled them over for their actions. Unfortunately, there wasn’t an officer to catch the passenger in the Chrysler 300 throwing trash out the window afterwards.

Play by the rules, kids!

Source: xSupaD

How great was it to see this example of instant karma on the road?


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