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Friday FAIL: This is why you don’t play in the Street

Friday FAIL Hit by Truck

There are big, dangerous, fast-moving things there.

Remember those days as a kid when your parents would always tell you to never play in the street, and to be careful while crossing? The reason for that is that there are gigantic steel machines rolling at high speeds down the road that will turn you into ground beef if you’re not careful and responsible.

Two teenagers in Staffordshire, England thought that it would be a good idea to play a game of chicken with a 40-ton truck driving 45 mph. They found out quickly that their game was probably the dumbest thing that they could do with their free time.

Friday FAIL Hit by Truck

The first child runs across the road in time to miss the truck completely, while his 14-year-old friend takes his time. After the second teenager jumped out, he realized that there was no way to avoid a collision with the oncoming truck and tried to run away, but ends up being hit. After rolling a few times out of sight from the dashcam, he emerges and limps away.

The truck driver called police who showed up and had the 14-year-old boy taken to the hospital where he was treated for minor injuries to his hand and knee. No action was taken against the driver because it was not his fault.

The maker of the dashcam, Smartwitness, released the footage to the public in the hopes that it will deter similar acts of stupidity. Thankfully, nobody was killed.

Source: YTNews, Sky News

How stupid is it to play chicken with a 40-ton truck driving down the road?


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