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Friday FAIL: Don’t Run From or Into Cops in Russia

Friday FAIL Russia Police Crash

More dashcam footage from the capital of crazy happenings on the road.

This Friday FAIL stars a crazy Russian video in which Russian things predictably happen because in Russia car crashes you after you crash cops!

Not much is known about this video other than it involves a police pursuit of a driver on a busy road. As police attempt to get the driver to pull over, the alleged criminal decides to ram the police car driving alongside off the road.

Friday FAIL Russia Police Crash

However, in doing so, they lose control of their own vehicle and go sideways off the road. The car flies into the trees, resulting in a pretty large accident.

We’re not sure what happened to the driver or the police cruiser that got run off the road, but hopefully all of those involved were not injured.

Oh Russia…

Source: Live Leak YouTube

How stupid was this criminal who rammed a police car and caused themselves to crash?


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