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McLaren Spotted Testing Hardcore Ride On P1 GTR on the Nurburgring!!! – MotoringExposed

Ride On McLaren P1 GTR Nurburgring

The newest all-electric, track-only model for kids.

McLaren might have another entry into the world of track-only exotics that’s currently undergoing testing at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Based on the Ride On McLaren P1, the new GTR variant will be bringing a hardcore level of performance for the caviar-eating children of the one-percent.

Seen here in exclusive photos, the upcoming Ride On McLaren P1 GTR features a more prominent adjustable rear spoiler along with other camouflaged active aerodynamics so that kids can get maximum downforce whether it’s on the track or on their own cone-lined driveway.

Ride On McLaren P1 GTR Nurburgring

Our embedded photography team did not notice the exhaust note of a traditional gasoline engine, leading us to believe that a more powerful electric motor is responsible for powering the rear-wheel drive beast. Only the sound of plastic Michelin semi-slicks gripping the pavement was heard as the 4-year-old test driver struggled for grip in the winding corners.

Sources from inside the McLaren Automotive engineering center tell us that the new Ride On McLaren P1 GTR will have a top speed of approximately 5 mph and come with a 10-lb drop in overall weight thanks to the use of carbon fiber, carbon ceramic brakes, and a forged aluminum and magnesium pushrod suspension.

The new Ride On McLaren P1 GTR will only be available to a select number of children that have already purchased a sidewalk-legal Ride On McLaren P1 and have accounts set up by their parents for their first McLaren Super Series model at age 16. Each model will come with a choice of cartoon-inspired livery along with plastic keys that can also be used for teething.

With the new Ride On McLaren P1 GTR, does McLaren Automotive own a stranglehold on the world of children’s track-only super cars?

This is the first article in our new ‘Exposed Motoring’ series in which we feature satirical automotive news stories to satisfy your high-octane need for humor. If you actually believe these stories are real then we either did a really good job of putting it together or you’re dumb as a rock. We’re going with the latter.


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