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Friday FAIL: Drag Camaro Crashes after a Car Show

Friday FAIL Camaro Crash Car Show

That’s going to be a very expensive fix…

Mustang owners can rejoice and let out a sigh of relief. Finally. Finally! A Chevrolet Camaro owner tried to show off while leaving the Reno Cars & Coffee and crashed into a barrier – right in front of everybody.

The drag-spec Chevrolet Camaro pulled out of the show and gunned it, laying down a pretty impressive streak of rubber, until he lost control. At that point, the driver tried to cut the throttle in order to recover, but it was too late.

Friday FAIL Camaro Crash Car Show

The Camaro driver had gone right into the barrier and some fencing, completely destroying the front-end of the drag racer. Luckily, the engine was able to start, allowing the driver to back the car out of the mess, but it was certainly not drivable.

No matter what car you drive, don’t be an idiot and show off at car shows. Bad things usually happen. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

Source: MustangMatt YouTube

How embarrassed would you be if you were this Camaro driver?


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