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Friday FAIL: Drop it like it’s Hot (Into the Water)

Friday FAIL Tow Truck Drop

Welp, so much for that!

Towing a car might seem like an easy job, but it’s not always as straightforward as it seems. When you have to pull a car out of a deep, water-filled hole, it get a bit more difficult. However, although the tow was a bit more complicated than normal, the real FAIL occurred when the car was supposed to be in the clear.

Friday FAIL Tow Truck Drop

After pulling the small white sedan up the wall and out of the hole, the tow truck had the car secured behind it and ready to go… or so they thought.

After attempting to pull the car away, the car became unhooked from the truck and rolled right back down into the hole and into the water. Welp, so much for that!

Source: Live Leak YouTube

How funny is it that the car that just got towed out fell into the same hole?


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