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Friday FAIL: Ending an Epic Burnout by Getting Pulled Over

Friday FAIL Burnout Police Fail

That’ll make for a great story.

We love burnouts. We love Skylines. We love when people can enjoy their cars. However, breaking the law is breaking the law, and you can’t expect police to give you any leeway when they pull you over for ripping a serious burnout that is not measured in feet but city blocks.

If the people driving or even watching this right-hand-drive R32 Nissan Skyline rip a three-block-long burnout then get pulled over and tell their friends, they might not believe it. Thankfully, we live in a world where we can instantly broadcast video on Facebook Live and have the video evidence to prove it all.

Friday FAIL Burnout Police Fail

In Ocean City, New Jersey, passenger and Facebook Live broadcaster, John Sabal, recorded his friend shredding a very long burnout on public roads from the passenger seat. While it was a very impressive display of tire-shredding power and control, it was also illegal and caught the attention of a police officer in the area.

While broadcasting live, the police officer turned on the lights and sirens, and pulled the Skyline over. After the usual traffic stop protocol, the video was ended and a ticket was then handed out… for $1,000!

So, while showing off your car’s power and driving skills can be fun, don’t do it on public roads and don’t do it in front of police officers!

Source: John Sabal Facebook

How stupid was it to do a long burnout on public streets with police in the area?


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