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Friday Fail: Where Ferraris run over Policeman’s Feet


Way to go, Ferrari bro.

If you own a super car like a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, you clearly have a lot of money and are clearly above the law. Well, it doesn’t always happen that way if you’re not one of the super-wealthy elite or a Hollywood celebrity, and that’s exactly what one Ferrari douchebag found out the hard way.

In the busy streets of SOHO in New York City, a Ferrari 458 Spider was illegally parked. A Police Officer was in the process of writing a ticket when the owner came outside and told him that it was his Ferrari.

He was probably expecting the Officer to say something like this:
“Oh wow, really? Cool, bro. You’re above the law and I’ll throw out this ticket!”

Wrong. The officer continued to write the ticket as the owner started up the car. While standing in front of the driver’s side wheel, the owner pulled the car forward, running over the Officer’s foot. Really, really bad idea.

As it turns out, this Ferrari douchebag found out what the brick streets of SOHO taste like. The Officer writing the ticket and another pulled the owner out of the car, threw him to the ground and handcuffed him.

During this ordeal, the owner’s girlfriend, Stephanie Pratt from MTV’s The Hills, went into the car and shut it off.

It turns out that the owner is 28-year old Internet Entrepreneur, Julien Chabbott. He was being cited for parking in a no-parking zone, failure to display a New York City inspection sticker, and failure to have a registration according to the New York Post.

We hope that Chabbott doesn’t just walk away from the charges against him with just a slap on the wrist because he drives a Ferrari and has some money. We hope it’s a more painful experience for him, sort of the same as getting your foot run over by a six-figure car.

[Source: Damrys7 YouTube Channel, New York Post]

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