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Friday FAIL: Guy Pisses on His Own R8 Because He’s an Idiot

(Warning: NSFW)

Yup, this guy is an idiot.

This week’s Friday FAIL is just stupid no matter how you look at the situation. YouTube user and confirmed idiot, Cash Money Chris, wanted to grab some attention and create a viral video. So, he hatched a brilliant plan to get an Audi R8 that he reportedly owns or at the very least knows the owner of, and piss on it.

We’ve seen pranks such as the fake Ferrari pee, but this one is real and staged to make this guy appear to be funny and/or cool (in his own mind) for urinating on an Audi R8 that’s parked in two spots in an empty parking garage.

What makes it even less believable is that a “security guard” walks over after he does it and then the camera suddenly shuts off as if he was caught. If that were true, this video would have been removed by now from the YouTubez.

First off, don’t piss on a car whether it’s real or a stunt. Second, don’t try and make a viral video where you stage pissing on a car and act even worse than the douchebag owner that supposedly parked his car like a jerk. You’ll end up just showing everybody on the internet that you’re a loser.

Source: Cash Money Chris YouTube

What’s a bigger FAIL: This guy peeing on an Audi R8 or him staging the entire stunt?


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