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Friday FAIL: Head-On at the Sand Dunes

Friday FAIL: Pay Attention while Driving in the Sand Dunes!

All you had to do was pay attention.

Driving through the sand dunes is a ton of fun if you own an ATV, truck, or four-wheel drive vehicle. Being able to speed through the wavy dunes with complete freedom is a beautiful thing. But, when you’re doing it with others, you should really pay attention.

Here, we can see a gathering of off-road enthusiasts all taking part in driving around these massive sand dunes. From what it appears, they would take turns driving up and down the hill, paying attention to who was doing what for safety’s sake.

Friday FAIL: Pay Attention while Driving in the Sand Dunes!

However, while one vehicle was driving down the path along a ridge of the sand dune, another driver decided to punch the throttle and go up. Now, the driver going down had no other choice than to stop while going down. Jerking the wheel to steer out of the way and avoid a collision would’ve resulted in them rolling their vehicle down the ridge they were driving on.

The driver going up the hill at the same time obviously wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see the massive SUV driving down the sand dune. The driver was hard on the throttle and slammed right into the front of the oncoming SUV, sending themselves rolling down the ridge of the sand dune.

Hopefully there were no injuries as a result of this inattentive stupidity.

Source: YouTube

How stupid was this person driving up the sand dune that caused this head-on collision?


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