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Friday FAIL: Where Idiots Ignite Stolen Gasoline


This is why you don’t smoke near flammable liquids.

There are ‘No Smoking’ signs around fueling stations for a reason. Gasoline, diesel, and other fuels are flammable, and smoking, keeping your engine running, or even using your cell phone can ignite these liquids. Harry Frederick Suniville is one of those idiots that proved why you don’t smoke while handling fuels.

The 62-year-old Suniville had stolen a partially filled gasoline can from a nearby truck and started to fill his car up while smoking a cigarette. Sounds like a smart idea, right? Unsurprisingly, the gasoline ignited, burning his pants, hair, and Mitsubishi Eclipse like it was some sort of Italian supercar.

The Portland Police and Fire Departments were both called to the scene where Suniville was treated for burns and then charged with criminal mischief in the second degree, reckless burning, and theft in the third degree. Now he’s in jail where he won’t need any gasoline or cigarettes.

Friday FAIL Man sets himself on fire

Source: YouTube

How stupid is this idiot smoking a cigarette and stealing gasoline?


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