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Friday FAIL: Kids are Pretty Stupid these Days

Friday FAIL: Honda CRX Stunt Crash

And pretty lucky too.

This week’s Friday FAIL is hard to determine if it was an intentional stunt or just plain stupidity. Regardless, this stunt was incredibly stupid and the person filming (vertically) is lucky to be alive.

So this guy that goes by Walnut Pancakes decided that he would try to pull off a stunt and ride his Honda CRX down a hill like a skateboard with the door open. Sounds like a really stupid thing to do with a dead, non-running car, but hey, what do we know, right?

Friday FAIL: Honda CRX Stunt Crash

We’re not sure if this was supposed to be some sort of fake stunt for social media or what, but regardless the result is real.

While rolling down the hill, the “driver” claims to have lost control and then actually does. He loses his grip on the door and cannot stop the CRX as it goes into the bend in the road. This results in the car crashing right into some trees, and the driver hurting himself in the process.

It doesn’t matter if this was intentional or not, it was completely stupid and one of the dumbest things we’ve seen on Friday FAIL – and we’ve seen some pretty dumb things.

This guy should be thankful that he didn’t end up dead.

Source: Walnut Pancakes YouTube

How stupid was this kid to ride his Honda CRX like a skateboard down a hill?


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