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Friday FAIL – Where you learn the Hard Way to stop for School Busses


Justice is served!

School busses aren’t always fun to get stuck behind or in front of, especially when there are a lot of stops, but there’s no excuse to pass one, especially when it’s all lit up and picking up/dropping off students.

Some people, however, just don’t want to wait.

Uriah Herron, a Bus driver for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, had been dealing with a Jeep driver that had been illegally passing the bus when it was dropping off of students. So, one day Herron and the Cleveland Police Department decided to set up a bit of a sting operation to catch the notorious offender.

Herron made his daily stop to let children off and took out his cell phone to capture the repeat offender on camera. Just like the driver had done before, it passed the bus and did so by taking a shortcut over the curb and around the Ford Explorer in front of her, right by a Police Officer that was set up just for the occasion.

The driver, 32-year-old Shena Hardin, of Cleveland, was given a ticket on the spot and will likely see a hefty fine, especially with the video evidence against her.

This is one Friday FAIL that we can say we enjoyed watching every minute of. Don’t illegally pass school busses folks!

[Source: 100Critical YouTube Channel]

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