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Friday FAIL: Living the Low Life

Lowered Silvia Damage

Hey, you forgot something!

Lowering a vehicle is often beneficial in terms of performance. It allows the vehicle to have a lower center of gravity and thus improves handling to a certain point. Lowering a car can also be beneficial if you’re going for the stanced or slammed look. In those cases, you often run into problems with hitting speed bumps, curbs, potholes, etc. It really helps to have an air suspension that can be raised or lowered to overcome these obstacles and avoid damage.

When you don’t have an adjustable suspension and your car is slammed, you’re going to have a bad day, and this Nissan Silvia (S13) had a really bad day.

This Nissan Silvia was lowered so much that any kind of functionality was thrown out the window about 50 mm ago. During the 2014 Wekfest USA Tour in Long Beach, California, the Silvia attempted to turn into a driveway but had a bit of trouble because of its ride height.

The Nissan started things off with some painful scraping sounds before the front bumper was taken off completely. Then, when the driver thought he was in the clear, they started to drive forward and tore of the rear bumper. At least they were able to cut some weight in this week’s Friday FAIL.


Source: aahhhhchu YouTube

Is this lowered Nissan Silvia driver an idiot for ripping off his bumpers on the curb?


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