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Friday FAIL: Where we mourn over a Crashed Ferrari F40 in Vancouver


If you don’t want to ruin your day, just look away.

After a recent car show in Vancouver, CA, the unthinkable happened – a pristine Ferrari F40 crashed. And we’re not talking about a light spin-out that lightly grazed some brush; we’re talking about an all-out crash that heavily damaged the super car. Unfortunately, it’s worse than the Porsche 959 Crash in Montreal that we featured earlier last week.

The Ferrari F40 is notoriously hard to drive. The last car built under Enzo Ferrari, it was designed to show what the Ferrari engineers were really made of and incorporated a great deal of motorsports knowledge into its design. It’s mid-mounted 2.9-liter, twin-turbocharged V-8 engine produced 471 horsepower under 16 psi of boost; it featured carbon fiber, Kevlar, and aluminum to reduce weight while retaining strength; and was built for speed with its spoilers, air ducts, and smooth underbody. Simply put, it was THE performance car of its day.

To this day, the Ferrari F40 is still an icon of performance cars and is highly sought after, as only 1,315 were produced. The crash reportedly happened as the super car was leaving the show, but the cause is still not known. From what we can tell, the wet roads may have played a factor with the rear-wheel drive, mid-engined F40 as it is a very hard car to drive.

The F40 appears to have quite a bit of front end damage, but the worst part is clearly the rear where the engine is clearly damaged and leaking oil. There’s only one way to describe this Friday Fail…

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[Source: Italian Super Cars YouTube Channel, nichollpictures]

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