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Friday FAIL: How NOT to Exit a Car Wash

Friday FAIL: Wrong Way to Exit Car Wash

Make sure you get that undercarriage.

Using a car wash isn’t that complicated. Most of the time you just follow the signs/instructions after putting your vehicle in neutral and ride the line to clean. The easiest part is putting your vehicle back into gear and driving away – at least it should be.

Friday FAIL: Wrong Way to Exit Car Wash

Driving away after getting a wash was the most difficult part for this Toyota Sienna driver in Billings, Montana. The exit of this car wash forces drivers to turn left and drive down the paved ramp to the road at the end due to the elevation of the building. If you drive straight, you’ll plummet down onto the main road and sidewalk below.

This driver, for whatever reason punched the throttle and took a wide left turn, sending the van over the ledge and onto the roadway below. The van ended up flipping over and taking out a fire hydrant below, sending water spraying into the air.

We hope that nobody was injured in this accident. However, this is definitely not the right way to get the undercarriage of your van cleaned.

Source: LiveLeak

How stupid was this driver that flipped their van over and hit a fire hydrant?


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