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Friday FAIL: How NOT to Tow a Bus!

Friday FAIL: Sideways Bus Towing

That’s not right.

Vehicles break down and have to be towed. The bigger they are, they more difficult it is to transport them to a facility to get fixed. With that being said, this tow truck driver is completely in the wrong with the way they are towing this broken down bus.

This ‘Friday FAIL’ video might be from 2012, but it’s still a face-palming act of utter stupidity and negligence.

On the Long Island Expressway, this J&M Towing truck was towing a broken-down bus. However, instead of properly towing the bus with it facing straight, the steering had become locked and was pulling the entire bus sideways with its front wheels.

Friday FAIL: Sideways Bus Towing

Most tow truck drivers would recognize this problem and pull over to correct the mistake – especially before pulling onto a major expressway with other cars traveling. Not this driver.

Instead of pulling over, they continued to block multiple lanes of traffic and drive under the speed limit, endangering others in the process.

It’s not like the bus cannot be seen from any of the mirrors, either. It’s clear as day that it is pulling to one side and most likely causing the tow truck to veer one way as well.

With this video being five years old, our guess is that this driver was quickly terminated for their mistake.


How stupid is this tow truck driver for towing a bus sideways?


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