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Friday FAIL: Oh Russia How We Love Thee

Where it’s never a dull moment.

You’ve seen the thousands of Russian dashboard-mounted camera videos with all sorts of crazy and unbelievable things in the past few years. We knew that things could get a little crazy over there with their vodka and ushankas, but these dash cams have revealed an entirely new idea of just how nutty things are in Mother Russia.

Thanks to wisterNederlandTNL, we have a big compilation of Russian dash cam and other crazy happenings in Russia. It’s all there from the crazy drunks wandering in front of cars hitting bottles on their heads to a man eating a jellyfish. You’ll see brides going nuts in the streets, men jumping from four-stories up into a tree, fights, and more!

Plus it has explosions and farm animals!

Apparently, if you want to experience Friday FAIL every day, just move to Russia.

[Source: wisterNederlandTNL YouTube Channel]

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