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Friday FAIL: One Reason why Tailgating can Bite you in the Ass

Friday FAIL: Multi-Car Crash after Tailgating

Get in line and pile ‘em up!

Tailgating isn’t a smart thing to do, especially on highways where construction is being done. Not only does it give you less time to react to sudden braking, but it also puts you at a disadvantage from being able to see what is happening up ahead.

This video comes from near Williamsburg, VA from the dashcam of a fully-loaded tractor trailer in a construction zone.

Friday FAIL: Multi-Car Crash after Tailgating

Cars in the left lane had been following somewhat closely on the two-lane road. When the dashcam-equipped truck driver decided to pass in the left (at the 0:40-mark), all of the cars suddenly slowed down, forcing him to move back over to avoid an accident. That was just foreshadowing.

Then, as cars started to get closer to each other again, they were forced to come to a quick stop again. The only problem was that because they were so close to each other, a large multi-car pileup resulted.

Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured, but this all could’ve been avoided (or at least minimized) if there was proper spacing between vehicles.

Source: Daniel Condon YouTube

Have you seen accidents like this because of people tailgating before?


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