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Friday FAIL: Be Patient and Aware of your Surroundings!

Friday FAIL Knocked Out Scooter Rider

Out cold.

Chanthaburi, Thailand is home to someone that’s still probably very sore after smashing their head on an iron bar over two weeks ago. Operating any kind of vehicle safely requires drivers to be aware and paying attention to not just their vehicle, but their surroundings as well. This guy was just too impatient and paid the price.

Apparently, a dashcam-equipped vehicle was going too slow through a parking lot next to a building for the driver of a scooter. Instead of being patient and waiting for the vehicle to get out of the way, they decided to pass. The only problem was that they didn’t wait to pass the truck that had a long iron bar sticking out horizontally into the street.

Friday FAIL Knocked Out Scooter Rider

Right after passing and coming into view of the dashcam, the rider hit the bar with his head, knocking him off his scooter and onto the ground in some serious pain. Thankfully, he was wearing a helmet and didn’t die from the impact.

To add insult to injury, one of the witnesses walked over to check on the bike and not the rider, leaving him squirming on the ground in pain.

Pay attention and be safe out there, folks!

Source: ViralHog YouTube

How embarrassing and painful was it to watch this scooter rider hitting an iron bar head-first?


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