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Friday FAIL: This is not how you Pay Tribute to Paul Walker


What an idiot.

It’s been almost three weeks since the tragic passing of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas in the horrific Porsche Carrera GT crash. The automotive world lost two great people during the accident, and tributes, rallies, fundraisers, and memorials have popped around the globe up to remember the two enthusiasts.

One such event was held in Aberdeen, Scotland where a group of car enthusiasts gathered in a shopping center parking lot to pay tribute and remember Paul Walker. The only problem is that one owner of a Ford Focus didn’t really understand the meaning of a tribute, and revved his engine for 20 minutes straight. The stresses of revving the engine for such an extended period of time caused the Focus to start on fire and go up in flames.

We’ve seen plenty of stupid people on Friday FAIL, but this owner of the Focus is the cream of the crop. What better way to pay tribute to two people that died in a fiery and horrific accident than by acting like an idiot and setting your own car on fire?

Friday FAIL Paul Walker Tribute

Thankfully, the fire department was able to extinguish the flames and the local police charged the owner with ‘reckless conduct’ for the incident.

“I cannot understand the mentality of a person who would do a thing like that. It is extremely fortunate that whoever was doing the revving was not harmed,” said Local Councillor Andrew May. “I just cannot understand why anyone would do such a thing. If the car belonged to the person who did this, then good – maybe they will have learned a lesson.”

Hopefully they do learn a lesson from their incredible act of stupidity. For now though, they get a big Friday FAIL.

Source: WorldNewsJB YouTube Channel

On a scale of 1-10, how big of a FAIL was this fiery incident at a Paul Walker tribute meet?


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