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Friday FAIL: Potato Video of a LaFerrari Crashing in Budapest

Friday FAIL Ferrari LaFerrari Crash

A sad day for automotive enthusiasts.

The Ferrari LaFerrari is the pinnacle of Ferrari engineering and technology. It’s at the forefront of automotive performance and it’s a car that’s highly respected and revered. When one of these rare vehicles gets into an accident or is destroyed, it’s a sad, sad day.

Friday FAIL Ferrari LaFerrari Crash

Dashcam video from the latest in high-definition potatoes has surfaced of a recent Ferrari LaFerrari crash in Budapest, Hungary. The driver was attempting to pass through slower traffic, saw an opening, and gunned it.

The only problem is that the Ferrari LaFerrari has a total combined output of 950 horsepower from its 6.3-liter V-12 engine and KERS system. What’s the problem with that? Well, as shown in the video, it is quite a lot of power to handle for the rear-wheel drive super car, even at the hands of a skilled driver.

Friday FAIL Ferrari LaFerrari Crash

As you can see, the LaFerrari quickly lost traction and crashed right into some parked cars, where it suffered some heavy damage.

While the amount of power is very seductive, you should always be responsible when using it.

Source: Gábor Grubits YouTube

Other than the video quality, how hard is it to watch this Ferrari LaFerrari crash?


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