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Get Loud with Armytrix on the Dyno for SEMA!

Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R Armytrix SEMA

Widebody super car sounds!

The 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas is underway and everything from the subtle to the brash and brazen is hitting the show floor and making their presence felt (and heard). This year, Armytrix exhaust systems will be featured on two heavily-modified super cars, and they’re not afraid to make a bit of noise.

Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Italia Armytrix SEMA

A Nissan GT-R and Ferrari 458 Italia have been modified with a new Liberty Walk widebody kit, forged wheels, and all sorts of other engine performance parts including new Armytrix exhausts.

To show off just how exciting their two show cars are, Armytrix threw them on the dynometer and let them have at it, spitting fire and making all sorts of wonderful noises.

Source: Marchettino

Do you like the sound of the Nissan GT-R or Ferrari 458 Italia with Armytrix exhaust?


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