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Friday FAIL: Pumping Fuel is Hard

gas pump fail

This is making us confused.

We’ve all been there. You pull into the fuel station to fill up and you realize that your tank is on the other side of your vehicle. No big deal, a quick and simple maneuver gets you in the right spot and you’re good to go.

But sometimes it’s just not that easy for people to figure out.

One woman wanted to fill up her Honda and noticed that the tank was on the other side of the SUV. So, she got back in and drove around to the other side of the pumps. The only problem was that the same side was still facing the pump. So, she did the same thing as before and discovered that she was still on the wrong side. After minutes of trying to figure out this difficult situation and lots of driving, the woman FINALLY got it right and had it all lined up to fuel up.

Pay attention to your gauges, folks. Usually manufacturers put the fuel gauge on the side that the tank is on or add a little arrow pointing to the correct side. If you do happen to make a mistake, just don’t be as stupid as this lady.

Source: kunal Lakhani YouTube Channel

Should this lady have a license after this exercise in a lack of common sense at the gas station?


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