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Friday FAIL: Racing on Public Roads isn’t a Good Idea

Friday FAIL Subaru WRX STI Crash

Even if nobody is around.

We get wanting to push your car on a backcountry road and speed through turns with your high performance car. It’s normal; the car almost begs you to do it with its enticing engine and taught suspension.

But you shouldn’t do it.

Bring it to the track or to an autocross event because it will be cheaper in the long run. Just ask this Subaru WRX STI driver that will likely be paying quite a bit more in fines, damage, insurance, etc. than it would’ve cost for a day at the track.

Friday FAIL Subaru WRX STI Crash

While speeding through a two-lane road in the forest, this Subaru WRX STI driver lost control and went off the road. The driver had been alone for most of the drive until he came upon a Dodge Journey that they passed illegally on a double-yellow line.

Shortly after passing, the driver went too fast into a turn and the STI began to understeer. The driver attempted to fix it but overcorrected, leading it right off the road and into the brush and trees.

Thankfully, it appears the driver was uninjured but the car was damaged pretty badly. However, we would’ve liked to have seen the reaction of the Dodge Journey driver that was passed earlier as they came upon this accident.

Source: Jalopnik

How reckless and stupid was this Subaru WRX STI driver that crashed in the woods?


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