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Friday FAIL: RAM Road Rage in Oklahoma!

Friday FAIL: RAM Road Rage

This driver does not like slow drivers in the left lane.

On Highway 62 in Muskogee County, one Dodge RAM driver decided that he did not want to wait behind a Nissan 300ZX to pass in the left lane, so they took matters into their own hands. This dangerous act of road rage was all caught on camera thanks to a passenger in a car driving alongside, which hopefully leads to the arrest of the Dodge driver.

Friday FAIL: RAM Road Rage

The truck pulled up just inches away from the Nissan’s bumper while driving in the left lane, and the driver became visibly agitated. The frustrated and impatient truck driver quickly had enough of the Nissan and rammed them, causing the car to fish-tail and slide across two lanes of traffic before hitting the guard rail, narrowly missing getting hit by another car.

The Dodge driver sped off, and has not been caught, although police are on the lookout for the road raging driver and asking for help from the public in finding them.

Although the Nissan was severely damaged, the couple inside escaped with only minor injuries.

Thanks to the ability to capture video on mobile devices, we hope more road raging drivers like this get caught by police.

Again – like we say every week – don’t get involved in road rage, folks.

Source: Noah Wilson Facebook, KFOR-TV

How crazy is this angry Dodge RAM driver that rammed a Nissan off the road?


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