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Friday FAIL: Road Rager Takes Himself Out!

Friday FAIL: Road Rager Takes Himself Out

And loses a sandal.

We’ve seen some pretty bad examples of road rage on our ‘Friday FAIL’ features, but this one is just a sad, pathetic showcase of stupidity from Down Under. In Malabar, NSW, one angry driver managed to knock himself down and hit the vehicle behind his Honda CR-V.

The video starts out with the camera vehicle sitting behind a white Honda CR-V that’s just sitting in the traffic lane and not moving. Unbeknownst to anyone, the driver was waiting for the parking spot on the side of the road to open up. However, by not putting on their turn signal to show this, nobody else knew of the driver’s intentions.

Friday FAIL: Road Rager Takes Himself Out

So, the driver of the camera vehicle honked, thinking that the Honda CR-V driver was just blocking traffic in the middle of the road.

This set off the driver of the Honda, who put his CR-V in reverse and stepped out of the driver’s seat to start yelling at the vehicle behind. The only problem was that the CR-V was in reverse. With the door open and the CR-V rolling backwards, the driver gets knocked down and loses a sandal. The CR-V then hits the camera vehicle, coming to a stop.

The shocked passenger gets out and runs over to help. Meanwhile, the driver runs up to the driver’s side of the camera vehicle only to be told repeatedly to put the car in park before anything else happens.

The best part in this incredibly sad road rage incident is the two feet of the driver, sticking up in the air, one of which has lost its sandal due to the impact.

Don’t be stupid, folks!

Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia YouTube

How sad is this attempt at road rage?


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