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Friday FAIL: In Russia, Tanks Always have the Right-Of-Way!

Friday FAIL: Russia Tank Crashes into Car

A sorry won’t fix this damage.

Dashcams have caught some pretty interesting stuff going down in Russia. There’s the crazy, the insane, and the downright head-scratching. This ‘Friday FAIL’ starring a tank taking out a car is nothing out of the ordinary for Russia, but still pretty wacky.

Imagine driving your Skoda Yeti down the road, minding your own business, only to be side swiped by a 40-ton armored vehicle. Then, while you’re still processing what the hell just happened, a soldier gives you a nice like “sorry” wave as they drive away, leaving you bewildered at the events that just took place.

Friday FAIL: Russia Tank Crashes into Car

Well, that’s exactly what happened in Ryazan, Russia – about 120 miles outside of Moscow. A military convoy of armored vehicles carrying heavy equipment was turning onto a main road, when one of the vehicles used the handbrake to make the right-hand turn. The only problem was that the vehicle was traveling way too fast and slid right into the oncoming Skoda Yeti, badly damaging the car and bouncing it like a pinball. One of the soldiers riding on the vehicle saw what happened and waved “sorry” as if that made it all better as they went on their way.

Thankfully, other drivers got out and went to check on the occupants of the Yeti to see if they were injured, and it appeared as though nobody was hurt.

Only in Russia…

Source: Youtube dans le monde YouTube

What would you do if you got hit by a tank while driving on public roads?


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