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Friday FAIL: Showing off that V-6 Mustang Skill

friday fail ford mustang v-6 crash

… By driving it into a tree.

Bruh, we out here with our V-6 Mustang just slaying tires and rippin’ 360s because we king of the streets.

But seriously, the fourth-gen “New Edge” Ford Mustang V-6s were pretty garbage for their time with their 190-horsepower 3.8-liter motors, low-grade build quality, and awful materials. They’re not really anything to be showing off to car people, which is why this idiot drifting in traffic and subsequently crashing is satisfying to watch.

friday fail ford mustang v-6 crash

The video starts out with the cell phone operator narrating about the stunt that is about to be pulled in the middle of traffic at a four-way intersection in a residential neighborhood. That, in itself, is a recipe for disaster. After sliding in a circle, the driver continues to hit the throttle and loses control, crashing right into a small tree, causing it to properly spin around.

The driver, then gets out and tries to play it all off like it was no big deal and they are fine, but we all know that is not the case and world of shit is about to come crashing down once the police show up and the fines and bills come into play – especially after the video evidence.

This is just one more example to add to the thousands of why driving like this is just a bad idea.

Source: insomniscient YouTube via Reddit

How stupid was this Ford Mustang V-6 driver to try and show off only to crash into a tree?


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