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More Friday FAIL: This is Not How You Spray NAWZ, Bro


This is what will happen.

NAWZ aka Nitrous Oxide is the heavy punch you need in your car to be king in the street racing scene. Thanks to the Fast & Furious movie series, it has become quite popular for those looking to get more power, really quick in their econo-box racer.

So what happens when you spray Nitrous Oxide into an engine on the dyno the wrong way? Well, there’s a lot of smoke and some banged up engine internals.

This video from MexicanRacingLeague, is intentional (for whatever reason) as they spray nitrous oxide directly into the air intake on a Chevy Cobalt SS on the dyno and do quite a bit of damage in the process to get some laughs.

Source: MexicanRacingLeague YouTube

So kids, what have we learned about NAWZ today?


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