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Friday FAIL: Street Racing Leaves a McLaren and Audi Devastated

McLaren Street Racing Crash LA

Two were also taken to the hospital.

The fact that street racing is a very bad, dangerous act has been beaten into the heads of every car enthusiast all around the globe, but yet we always seem to see stories of accidents caused by racing. Whether it’s ego, stupidity, anger, arrogance, or what, people just can’t seem to give it up, and it leads to accidents like this in Los Angeles, CA.

In Woodland Hills, a McLaren 650S was totaled and two people were sent to the hospital after witnesses say three or four cars were street racing, according to KTLA.

LAPD Officer, Tony Im, reported that the accident occurred at approximately 4:48 pm at the intersection of Platt Avenue and Califa Street.

McLaren Street Racing Crash LA

According to police, witnesses claimed the McLaren had been traveling at a high rate of speed during the crash. An Audi was also heavily damaged in the accident, and two people were transported to the hospital with no information available on their injuries.

Witnesses also claimed that possibly a Dodge Charger or Challenger was racing the McLaren prior to the crash, and fled the scene. The Audi driver was said to be a man in his 60s or 70s while the McLaren driver was described as a man in his 40s.

Police are currently investigating the incident.

Accidents like this happen all too often and while it’s unfortunate that it resulted in the destruction of a McLaren and Audi, it’s even more unfortunate that two people suffered injuries. Stop street racing!

Source: News 4123 YouTube, KTLA

How much of a douchebag was this street-racing McLaren driver that crashed?


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