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Friday Fail: The Bad Karma Edition


Can something that looks that nice be that unreliable?

Yes, it can. And we know that it’s one of the first models that were produced, but the entire drama that has played out at the beginning of March with the Fisker Karma that Consumer Reports had for review is very disappointing.

It all started when Consumer Reports purchased one of the new Fisker Karma luxury hybrids for testing and review. With less than 200 miles on the odometer, the Karma broke down during speedometer testing at the Consumer Reports facility. Warning lights began to flash, so the test driver pulled over and consulted the manual to no avail. The hybrid would only go into neutral, and then into neutral and park at the Consumer Reports garage. After no success in repairing the $108,000 car, the dealership towed the car away.

According to the dealer the problem was a “fault was found in the battery and inverter cable. Both were replaced as a unit.” So after that was taken care of, Consumer Reports was left to continue testing. But it turns out their first problem wouldn’t be their last. The Fisker Karma also experienced ESC, ABS, and other brake warning lights during a start up only to go away after 15 minutes. A warning light for overheating also displayed during their testing period, but also went away.

Consumer Reports wasn’t the only one to experience problems with their Karma either. Numerous customers came forward and commented on the website telling of the reliability problems that have occurred during their short ownership period.

Consumer Reports did give praise to Fisker and the dealership for taking care of the problem without any hassles and the car was returned within 48 hours. Even other customers that experienced problems with their Karmas were treated to superb service.

We do understand that Fisker is a new company and has been pushing back the release of the car in order to ensure that all the problems are fixed. The company is small and intended the production to remain the small as well. Since they don’t have the resources of a large automaker, problems such as this are bound to happen. But, it is definitely Friday Fail worthy when your car breaks down with one of the largest and most influential product review publications in the world.

We hope Fisker resolves their issues that seem to be occurring with their newer vehicles. The Fisker Karma is a beautiful car with a great deal of advanced technology, and we hope to see the company succeed in the future.

[Source: Consumer Reports]

Do you think Fisker will be able to bounce back from their early reliability issues with the Karma? Leave a comment and let us know!


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