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Friday FAIL: The Greatest Worst Car Dealer, Ever

Friday FAIL Cash Cars KC

What a treat.

This week’s Friday FAIL is something really special; a car dealer in Kansas City, Missouri, has created arguably the greatest commercials for all of us to enjoy for years to come online.

Cash Cars KC is a special place to buy a car, and is the self-proclaimed “Home of the Baby Momma and Daddy Special”. But unlike other dealerships that will try to gloss over problems with cars and crank up the price, Desmound Logan of Cash Cars KC gives it to you straight. There’s no BS with Logan who points out that his cars are cheap for people that just need transportation.

Friday FAIL Cash Cars KC

In his profanity-filled commercials that cannot be aired over television, Logan explains that his cars are sold as-is and that they do as much as they can to make sure the engine and transmission run before selling them. He also explicitly states that customers better not be coming back months later complaining about their car having problems.

Logan’s commercials for Cash Cars KC might be the worst commercials that you’ll ever see, but there’s something refreshing about an up-front, no BS dealer who just doesn’t care about dropping a few expletives to sell their vehicles for a really low price.

Keep on selling cars, Logan!

The “Can You Handle It Special”

Source: CashCarsKC

Are these the greatest bad car dealership commercials that you’ve ever seen?


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