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Friday FAIL: The Lamborghini Submarine Superleggera

Lamborghini Gallardo Submarine Flood

Floods in LA are no match for super cars.

After a seemingly endless drought in California, the skies have finally brought rain. Unfortunately, it has been too much for many areas to handle and floods have resulted. In San Diego, California, the floods have damaged homes and business and made traveling difficult.

Many of the roadways and streets are under water because of the rain. While driving, it’s always a good rule of thumb to avoid areas that are flooded because they will quickly damage and ruin your car. Turn around and find a detour, because it’s just not worth it.

Lamborghini Gallardo Submarine Flood

This Lamborghini Gallardo driver didn’t care. At a busy, flooded intersection, they decided to ford the river and drove straight through the water as others looked on in disbelief.

While the Lamborghini Gallardo was able to make it through the deep water – and we commend the vehicle for this – it was still a very bad idea. Water unquestionably got into places where it has no business being and that means that things are going to go wrong (if they already haven’t).

Next time you see a flooded intersection or roadway, don’t drive through it, folks.

Would you have driven your Lamborghini Gallardo through this flooded intersection?


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