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Friday FAIL: The Winter Storm Maxima

Performance tires + Ricer + Snow = FAIL.

A good portion of us are looking outside and seeing that there’s snow on the ground. Its winter and snow covering the ground and roads is nothing new. Somehow, people that experience winter every single year forget how to drive (whether it’s too slow or too fast) and forget to prepare their car for the white stuff.

Just like our automotive fanbase, we’re not too fond of ricers, especially ones that drive like idiots and make it harder for everybody to drive safe. One riced-out Nissan Maxima with the obligatory fart can, summer performance tires, and Pep Boys lightweight racing rims wanted to show everyone how much of a “Boss” they were by riding through the streets with their windows open. While making a left turn onto a street, the sports car began to lose traction at the front wheels causing the driver to miss his turn and slowly move straight (that’s what performance tires do in winter, folks). Upon noticing that a car is driving directly towards their traction-less Maxima, the driver decides to slam on the throttle and drive into the light pole sitting directly in front of them, just minding its own business.

The Saturn, trying to avoid a collision, slammed on the brakes but somehow steered directly into the Maxima. Upon impact, the lights go out on the poor, innocent light pole. After the accident, the driver of the Maxima immediately decides to light up a cigarette as they know this accident is their fault and going to lead to some stress. We just hope they have insurance….

Just make sure to drive smart in the snow and ice, and make sure your car is properly prepared or else you’ll end up like the riced-out Maxima driver in this week’s Friday FAIL!

[Source: Antonio Montana YouTube Channel]

How stupid was this Maxima driver in this week’s Friday FAIL? Leave a comment and let us know!


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