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Friday FAIL: Time to Split after some Mustang Donuts!

Friday FAIL Mustang Driver Ejected

Case No. 5721938123.

This week’s Friday FAIL is a recipe for disaster. There’s a large crowd gathered in a parking lot with cars sitting around and a Fox-body Ford Mustang shredding rubber in the middle. Right there, you know something bad is about to happen.

The circle of pavement that the crowd surrounds is being eaten up by the 5.0-liter V-8 with some burnouts and drifts. However, that all comes to a crazy halt.

Somehow, the driver’s side door opened up and the momentum from sliding sideways threw the driver out of the car and onto the ground, doing an embarrassing groin-tearing split.

Friday FAIL Mustang Driver Ejected

First off, wear a damn seatbelt. Second, close your door or have it fixed because it’s a huge safety hazard (as you can see). Third, stop doing burnouts and drifts with your muscle car with a crowd of people around.

Thankfully, one person in the crowd had enough wherewithal to run towards the car and try to stop it before it drove into the crowd and crashed into people and objects.

Stop being stupid, folks.

Source: joe coron YouTube

How bad did this driver look after being ejected from his own car while doing burnouts?


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