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Friday FAIL: VW vs Scooter Road Rage in Germany

VW vs Scooter Friday FAIL

Hit and Run.

We’ve seen so many incidents of road rage on Friday FAIL; it’s one constant that we’ve come to expect. This is just another example and thanks to this helmet-camera-wielding rider, the offender was caught.

In Germany, a Volkswagen Touran driver had enough of one scooter rider and decided to just run him down, knocking him to the pavement in front of bystanders. As others helped the man to the side of the road and cleared the debris, the camera-strapped motorcycle rider caught up to the Volkswagen and followed him to his destination to call the police.

VW vs Scooter Friday FAIL

Here’s the account of the incident according to the owner of the camera:

“While on a motorcycle tour my pillion and I witnessed a hit and run against a scooter rider. While my passenger and some pedestrians provided first aid to the scooter rider, I decided to chase the accident perpetrator.

When I finally caught him we had the discussion shown in the clip.

In the aftermath I called the police. The scooter driver was brought to a hospital, but is generally not hurt too badly. He was suffering from a severe shock though.

The police revoked the drivers license of the offender immediately. My pillion, the pedestrians and I will be witnesses in an upcoming lawsuit.”

Thankfully, the license of the Volkswagen driver was revoked and he will be facing charges. All because the driver said the scooter rider gave him the middle finger.

Source: Big Whoop YouTube

What would you have done after seeing this Volkswagen driver run down a scooter rider?


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