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Friday FAIL: Watch a Corvette Driver be an Idiot

Just another car show burnout by an idiot.

We know, we know. Burnouts after car shows are the cool thing to do. Watching a car break loose and show off its power by laying down some rubber on the pavement is something that you don’t get to see or experience every day, and they are quite fun to watch. But why do people feel the need to be idiots by putting not just themselves and their cars in danger, but everyone watching and/or driving in danger as well?

Well, this guy looks like he has the answer to that. A busy public road and spectators on the roadside did not deter him from showing off what he’s got, or lack thereof between the ears.

As the video begins, there is a lifted Ford Escort. From here on out, you know things aren’t going to go well. Then there’s the Corvette. It’s been tuned by Craven Performance, so you know it’s putting out some fun numbers. The driver proceeds to spin the tires and do a half-burnout into the four-lane road that’s not closed for the event – it’s busy. The driver then does another half-burnout right towards the cameramen and onlookers, nearly missing them. How does he follow that up? With another spin of the rear tires STRAIGHT INTO AN ONCOMING TRUCK. Luckily, the driver doesn’t hit him head-on, and instead nicks the truck, who suffered a clipped tire. Instead of stopping, admitting to his stupidity, and doing the right thing, the Corvette driver sped away.

Please don’t be idiots at car shows, folks. Not only do people usually know who you are, but your license plate is on full display. Big time FAIL on you, Corvette driver.

[Source: stepside67, Austin Sherrill YouTube Channels]

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