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Friday FAIL: When You Drive 35 MPH Backwards in Traffic

Friday FAIL reverse Jeep Driver

People these days…

If you’ve driven anywhere in the United States then you’ve definitely come across some idiotic and awful driving. This Jeep driving backwards down the road is just ridiculous and dangerous.

In Milwaukee, WI, a man was able to catch cell phone video of a Jeep driving on public roads… backwards!

Friday FAIL reverse Jeep Driver

If you’ve ever attempted to drive a vehicle in reverse at a higher rate of speed (over 5 mph) then you’ve experienced how difficult it is to control. This Jeep driver just didn’t seem to care and kept up with – and even led – traffic. Even after swerving and trying to maintain control, they still believed that reverse was the way to go.

Next time, though, let’s put down the cell phone for video and call the police before someone gets hurt by idiots like this!

Source: YouTube

How stupid is this person driving a Jeep in traffic at 35 MPH?


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