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This ‘Sh*t Civic Owners Say’ Video is so Spot On

Shit Civic Owners Say

Trash talkin’ while trying to live big.

There are certain stereotypes in the automotive world that sometimes hold true, and one of those is with Honda Civic owners. The joke, especially among those that modify cars lies on them, and while not all Civic owners are the idiots like the stereotype portrays, there are the few that totally live up to the bill.

Shit Civic Owners Say

Mett Robert Lovely and his ’92 Honda Civic hatch. It has rust for weight reduction, a ton of stickers, genuine high-quality eBay parts, and more. His monster four-cylinder has an AutoZone intake, turbo manifold without the turbo, and even a short throw dipstick. Forget regular fuel, this bad boy runs on 135 octane.

If you haven’t figured it out, this is a parody and filled with some NSFW language. It is, however spot on in a lot of areas.

Source: Muscle Vs Tuner YouTube

Is this ‘Sh*t Civic Owners Say’ video true or not?


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