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Friday FAIL: Where AfroJack gets his car Jacked Up

Don’t drive your high-performance cars in bad weather, kids.

Being famous, talented, and wealthy doesn’t always mean you’ll be able to properly drive the most expensive super cars on the road. Just ask Nick van de Wall, the Music Producer and DJ from the Netherlands, who goes by the name “AfroJack”.

Well, Afrojack is a popular DJ that has pumped out quite a few hits over his career, but his last hit was a little different. After becoming pretty succesful with his music, he did what most of us would do and bought himself a new super car – a Ferrari 458 Italia in that classic Ferrari red. He was so excited that he published a photo of him and his new car on with the caption: “I made a new friend!!”

Afrojack Ferrari 458 Italia

Overflowing with excitement, Afrojack took his car out for a drive hours after buying it. Unfortunately, the weather was pretty terrible and he got himself another hit. This time it was one that destroyed his brand new Ferrari 458 Italia. He then posted this picture with two friends saying, “ok that sucks, good thing were all ok!!!! lesson in life: dont drive a ferrari in sh*t weather!” He later added, “”For everyone that’s asking me why I’m smiling: it’s a car.”

Afrojack Ferrari 458 Italia crash

Ouch! You’d think after crashing his Ferrari he’d think twice or maybe take some time to look at a few different cars that would be easier to drive in weather situations like this. Nope. Shortly after he posted a picture from the driver’s seat of a new blue Ferrari 458 Italia saying, “That was quick!”

Blue Ferrari 458 Italia Afrojack

Just be a bit more careful in the awful weather or maybe drive a different car.

[Source: Lockerz, TMZ]

Do you think Afrojack should’ve bought a different car after the crash? Leave a comment and let us know!


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