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Friday FAIL: Where People Fall for the Invisible Object Prank

HEY LOOK! There’s nothing there.

The best pranks are ones that are harmless and that everybody can have a good laugh at. Sometimes it’s something as simple as using an invisible object to make people believe that something is really there, whether it is an invisible rope being pulled as a car past or an invisible thing sitting in the road. Mimes have mastered the art of invisible objects but when a normal person pulls off a prank unexpectedly like this, it usually has a different result.

The team over at Whale Studios decided to pull a few pranks on unsuspecting drivers by going into their closet full of invisible objects and putting them in crosswalks. The guys would casually walk across the road while appearing to step over an object sitting in the middle of the road. Well, even though the drivers didn’t see anything as they approached the crosswalk (if they were paying attention) many still believed that there actually was something sitting in front of their car.

It’s simple, easy to do, and the reactions are quite funny.

[Source: Whale Studios YouTube]

Which driver had the funniest reaction? Leave a comment and let us know!


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