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Friday FAIL: You’re an Idiot, Man!

Friday FAIL: Stupid Truck Stunt

Truck jump to a nut-shot.

When you see and hear those ”Don’t try this at home!” disclaimers, you should probably heed the warning. But, it hasn’t stopped homegrown groups of amateur stunt groups like P.O.R Stunts from popping up and trying out some head-scratching stunts for internet fame. Getting hurt while trying to hit yourself in the nuts while jumping from a truck is one of those stupid things that you just shouldn’t do at all.

Friday FAIL: Stupid Truck Stunt

The plan for the stunt was to have JJ Allin of P.O.R Stunts stand on the roof of a moving truck with a long 2×4 anchored and protruding from the bed. Once the truck was at speed, Allin was to jump from the roof to the back, past the bed, and land on the 2×4 using his groin as the landing spot.

Sounds like a great idea, right?!

Well, the stunt didn’t go according to plan. Not only did he get hit in the nuts pretty hard, but he also lost balance and hit the ground head-first, likely giving himself a concussion.

Way to go, guys?

Source: P.O.R Stunts YouTube

Is this the dumbest car-related stunt that you’ve ever seen?


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