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Friday FAIL: You’re NOT a Pro Rally Driver, so Don’t Try to be One!

Friday FAIL: Subaru WRX Rally Crash

Or else this will happen.

We totally understand wanting to be a racecar driver. All of us here still want to become one when we finally grow up. But, you have to know that there’s a time and a place for racing – and it’s called the racetrack (or closed-off rally stage). Just ask this guy who almost totally lost his Subaru Impreza WRX.

This driver, like many of us, wanted to get his rally on, so he went out on a Saturday morning to a gravel road in the countryside. Only instead of driving normally, he pushed his Subaru, sliding around corners and drifting on occasion. On a road like this with very little protection from the large drops, that takes some serious balls – but that didn’t stop him.

Friday FAIL: Subaru WRX Rally Crash

While attempting the famous Scandinavian flick into a corner, the Subaru began to oversteer and the driver couldn’t correct it in time. The car slid off the road and just stopped at the edge of the embankment, likely causing the driver to need a change of pants. This left the car stuck dangling in the air and unable to drive out.

Thankfully, a friend came to tow the Subaru out of the sticky situation. The driver also owned up to his mistakes and gave a warning to viewers to learn from his mistake that could have ended even worse. Thankfully the driver and the car are OK!

Stick to racing at a track or rally stage, guys!

Source: Klic Golden YouTube

How scared would you be if you almost went off the road like this Subaru Impreza WRX?


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