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More Friday FAIL: You’re Road Raging Wrong

Friday FAIL Motorcycle Road Rage

Instant Karma.

In São Paulo, one car accidentally drifted over into the right lane and caused a motorcycle rider to get pretty angry. We’re not sure how close the car came to causing an accident, but the motorcyclist had to get revenge for it and their blood boiled with road rage.

Well, road rage is never the answer and this is a perfect example as to why. The motorcyclist takes it upon themselves to try and administer some street justice by pulling up beside the car and kicking it. Well, in doing so, they pushed themselves off balance and caused the bike to tip on its side as they slid on the rough pavement.

That’s worthy of a Friday FAIL right there.


Source: Antonio Borba YouTube

On a scale of 1-10 how stupid was this road-raging motorcyclist?


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