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Get that Fat Butt to Tokyo for this RWB Gathering!

RWB Tokyo Meet

It’s a widebody invasion!

The Rauh-Welt Begriff Porsche 911 models can sometimes be polarizing, but there’s a loyal following to these widebody automotive masterpieces for a reason. These masterpieces that are handcrafted by a cigarette and caffeine-fueled Nakai-san are impressive whether you like them or not.

RWB Tokyo Meet

Thankfully, Peaches & Sons was able to document a gathering of a large portion of these automotive masterpieces in Tokyo after the sun went down on the busy city.

The ‘2017 RWB Porsche Tokyo Meet After Movie / Widebody Invasion’ saw air-cooled classics with their fat butts, low stance, and massive spoilers hitting the city’s asphalt for a show of epic proportions – in more ways than one.

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny the craftsmanship and dedication from one man that has impacted so many sports cars in the automotive world. So, sit back and enjoy the “legal porn”!

Directed by Dawittgold
Filmed by Dawittgold + Tacoboi Ryo
Edited by Dawittgold
Powered by Peaches & illest

Source: Peaches&Sons Official

What was your favorite RWB Porsche 911 at this meet in Tokyo?


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